Hello from Tokyo!

Hey guys, how've you been? Hope you're having a grand time wherever you are. Eveyrone's traveling lately because it's spring in other countries and summer in the Philippines - if you've got a bit of extra dough, it'd be a waste not to spend it experiencing a different place. 

I decided to go to Tokyo with my mother as I've been preparing for it for a while. Honestly, this isn't something I would have considered early last year - I'd much rather get a Chanel or Balenciaga with the money then. However, I've been obsessed with traveling in recent months. That, and drawing, is taking up all the extra space in my head. So here we are.

Anyway. thought I'd share some of my favorite pics here! If you're following me on Instagram (@lizlanuzo) you've probably seen these but I'd still like to have a record on my blog for posterity. Here's what I've been up to in the last few days!

Tokyo Beach in Odaiba. Odaiba is a man-made island about 20 minutes away from the Tokyo center. It has malls right in front of the beach, but people seem to enjoy casual picnics more. It looks like a favorite weekend destination by the locals!

Sushi in Tsukiji. I went to Tsukiji during my first ever trip to Tokyo. I literally only had an hour and a half to go around on my own, and found it by accident. I didn't know what it was world-famous for it's fish market and sushi! So now, I came back with only one goal in mind: to eat raw fish.

The Fishing Pond in Meiji-Jingu Shrine. Serene place, the perfect spot to draw and paint at.

Senso-Ji Temple. Poms! Everywhere! This is just one of them. I miss Snappy. :(

The Shibuya Scramble. Everyone crosses the street at the same time in ALL directions. It's chaos I tell you, but no one seems to bump into each other - even hapless tourists taking videos while everyone is going about their business.

Cool contrast, huh? Thanks for checking out my travelogue! <3 Tomorrow I hope to post some of the few things I bought. I didn't get a lot since soooo many things here are already available (and will be available soon *winkwink*) in the Philippines, but it'd be interesting.

Catch you later!