The light inside

Peeping back in to say hello! ^_^ I woke up with a massive pounding migraine yesterday so I wasn't able to do much other than sleep. But I'm okay now! Anyway, I'm super excited because I have an upcoming trip next week - can you guess where? I'll be there for six days but I will still be blogging, of course! 

Thought I'd share a painting I finished this morning.

This is a spot I pass by every morning whenever I walk my dog. I've always been drawn to it because of the light illuminating that one dirty corner. It's not a beautiful spot, really, but the way the morning sun hits it makes it look extraordinary to me.

Life-changing realization coming up: sometimes, even when we feel ugly, unappreciated, or just alone, there is always someone to shine a light on the beautiful things that we do not see in ourselves. That could be someone who loves you, but if you ask me, it's better if it's you.

Because, when everything seems dark, you're the one person in the best position to turn the light on.