Day 2: El Nido, Lagen Island

Waking up early will get you far in life. I think! You'll accomplish more, experience more, rush less. I've been waking up early ever since I can remember and I believe this habit has made my life easier to manage. I understand that some people perform better at night but if you don't, and you're wondering why, maybe you can try waking up at 5 or 6 in the morning. You just might be a morning person in denial!

Anyway, continuing my El Nido posts. This'll be my last since we left pretty early the next day. ^_^ Enjoy! | Day 1

Woke up at the crack of dawn. Saw a completely different seascape outside - low tide.

The definition of peaceful

A dusky blue

Stairs to the sea

Interesting textures

Two worlds apart

A beautiful place to practice yoga. (Photo grabbed from @noelle_hilario)

There was a yoga class before breakfast so I caught that with Julia. Had so much fun! I forgot how enjoyable yoga is. I also forgot how painful it could be. After the island hopping, I could barely get out of bed for like four hours! I had to call the clinic for some (mild) pain killers! OA naman but my body was just shocked into activity, hence the muscle pain. The swimming did me in.

Anyway, after breakfast, we visited three islands/ areas. That took only two or three hours but it was enough to exhaust everyone out haha.

First stop: Cudugnon Cave. This was the home of some of the first settlers in the Philippines. They found artifacts dating back to the Sung Dynasty. It's also famously held as a hiding place during World War 2.

We had to enter a mid-waist, kinda small hole

But it was worth the precarious twisting! Look at that majestic limestone rock formation! (I think it's limestone , that is, please correct me if I'm wrong).

Spot the grinning Julia


Pagbigyan na haha. Hi Martha!

What a great feeling

Next stop: Snake Island. It's basically two islands connected by a snake-like sandbar. You can look like you're walking on water when crossing it! See those boats? That's the edge of the sandbar already. We went down there and walked around.

Martha napping

Last stop: the Small Lagoon. Now here I wish I took more pics, but I was too afraid for my camera. I swam around the boat then went kayaking into a small hole that reveals what is possibly the most beautiful spot in Palawan. It's a quiet lagoon tucked between high cliffs! The water was so clear! I really wish I got to snorkle there.

We just had lunch in Entalula Island and then we went back to the resort 

There was a short program during dinner, then an after party up to the wee hours of the morning.

And that is the end of another perfect day. I'll see you again, El Nido!