The Physiogel Lotion: My travel BFF in cold, dry weather

The weather in Tokyo was quite cold, colder than I remember it the same time last year. It's a welcome change from the humid heat we get here in Manila - so fun to wear a coat and layers! - but the almost-but-not-quite freezing temp has its downsides. For one, I knew that my skin would seriously dry up. I was not mistaken. It started with my lips chapping and then the rest of my body feeling rough and yucky by the second day I was there!

That's why I brought the Physiogel Lotion (P100+) with me. The brand claims to be made for sensitive, dry skin, so I really wanted to see how it would work when my skin became seriously dry. I'm happy to report that it did its job pretty well. I slathered this on right before I put on my clothes and by the time I got back at the hotel, my skin is smooth and hydrated even if I couldn't feel my face and hands most of the time I was outside. 

I like the light texture, which was easily absorbed by my skin. Most hydrating lotions would feel thick and heavy but not this one. I'm sure this would also be ideal in warm weather simply because the formula is thin while packing on a moisturizing punch.

I also like the small and slim bottle, so easy to travel with! 

Now, I've shared the Physiogel love by sending gifts to some of my blogger friends, namely Tellie, Gen-Zel, and Celline. ^_^ I've also given some to my Lolo who loves using this for his itchy skin. It's a nice gesture to show that I care, I feel. Pass on your fave Physiogel products to your loved ones, too!

This post is brought to you by Physiogel.