Cheap finds: elf Studio Complexion Brush

I picked up the e.l.f. Studio Complexion Brush (P270) while randomly trawling Watsons a couple of months ago. I used it everyday because it's awesome, then promptly forgot about it until last week. What, I'm sorry, I neglected to clean it! If I don't wash a brush, I use something else that's clean. That's why it's useful to have extras lying around if you're not religious about sanitizing your tools.

ANYWAY. Back to this e.l.f. gem. I really liked the e.l.f Studio Blush Brush so I already knew that the Complexion Brush will not disappoint. It didn't! This has soft synthetic hair, dense but fluffy enough to apply a variety of powder products. You can use this for powder foundation (loose, pressed, traditional, mineral), blush, contour (it has a thin enough edge), highlighter, and setting powder. It blends products beautifully due to its shape and fairly fine bristles.

It's multi-purpose like the Blush Brush except it's bigger and fluffier, which I prefer more. I have a wide face. I use them interchangeably though!

I love the compact size of this brush. It's small enough to chuck into a handbag without hogging the space. I prefer brushes with short handles since I just apply makeup on my own face, anyway! This brush is easy to wash with just dishwashing fluid, shampoo, or brush soap. It dries quickly too - one of the nice things about synthetics. The bristles don't absorb much water.

Can we get high fives all around for cheap products that work well? I mean yeah, this isn't going to be anything like MAC or even Zoeva or Sigma, but it will apply products with no fuss. The bristles can be a bit scratchy but I don't find it an issue. At P270 the scratchiness is waaaay within reason as the quality exceeded my expectations from a brand like e.l.f.

And that is that. Are you on the lookout for a new powder brush? Have you tried this? Lemme know in the comments! ;)