Luxury in a tube: the Tory Burch Lip Color

My favorite bag is from Tory Burch and I still regularly use it until today, two years after the purchase. I love how the brand exudes elegance and timelessness without the insane price tag compared to other similar names. I also like the quality of the products themselves, so I feel like I'm not just paying extra for the marketing. You know what I mean? ;)

That's why when I heard that Tory Burch now has cosmetics in the Philippines, I just had to come check it out upon their kind invitation!

The Tory Burch makeup line only has a few selections, but they are well-curated for their exclusive clientele. There's a Lip & Cheek Tint, Bronzer & Blush, Face Brush, and of course, the Lip Colors! There was originally only one shade but the brand recently came out with a full line of luscious colors that'll pique even the most jaded makeup connoisseur.

The packaging alone is really something else. It's in Tory orange, with indented panels and gold lining. It's a statement accessory as it is! I did however expect it to be made of heftier material, since it feels kinda light for a luxury lipstick. Other brands would be either made entirely of metal or have a heavier bullet. It's not an issue for me in any case, as long as the actual design looks fab.


The formula is intended to be sheer, since Tory Burch is all about wearability. They are daily MLBB shades with the juiciest shine to them. You gotta check them out in person to appreciate them fully! There are two intense shades though - Scoundrel and Smack Dab - which are deliciously red. Can you guess what I ended up with? ;)  

Above are the top three best-sellers: Pas Du Tout, which is the signature nude of Tory Burch; Smack Dab, a fiery red-orange; and Scoundrel, a blue-based bright red. It was a struggle choosing which color I would take home so I spent a bit of time swatching my top picks. :P Check it out!

Knock On Wood is a brown, almost terracotta color. Pas Du Tout is a tawny pink nude that surprisingly has good coverage for a sheer lipstick. Saucy is a mauve, MLBB color, while Scoundrel is a gorgeous red with fuchsia undertones.

I ended up taking Smack Dab home since I don't have an orangey red that I really like. What I have in my collection is either too red or too orange for my taste, which of course is entirely subjective, but these are my lips after all! I wanted a color that I can wear until I finish it up, not a seasonal one that I can only take out when it feels right.

And that's me wearing Smack Dab. It's gorgeous no? I haven't been into reds lately but this color brings back my infatuation with this classic primary! I also appreciate the light and moisturizing formula of the lipstick, and how it leaves a lasting stain on my lips (about seven hours? The actual product stays on for 3-4 hours).

You must check out Tory Burch beauty products the next time you're feeling fancy. They're not too badly priced, considering. I expected the lipsticks to be around P2,000 but they retail for P1,650, the same price as a Chanel or a NARS lippie. ^_^

Let me know what you think, as always! Which shade would you splurge on?