The power of nostalgia

Yesterday, I got these ugly pair of shoes from Topshop in Powerplant. I saw them last November and wanted to get them then, but I'm so happy I waited. They were at 50% off! I shouldn't be surprised though. They are rather ugly, after all.

I like how chunky and awkward they look. It's kinda trendy at the moment, this affair with 90s grunge. But the main reason I got them is that I used to have the same pair of shoes before. Well, more or less the same, without the high platform heels. The principal would kill me if I wore these to school!

I guess I think it's fun to relive those times. When we're in high school, we grasp and miss at things like confused puppies. We don't know anything about anything. We're awkward, uncertain, but at the same time there's this tremendous feeling that something great will happen soon. Or maybe it's just me? Anyway, I just want to wear those memories on my feet.

I'm stuck with an ugly pair of shoes now, but I feel rather good about it. :P


PS Here's a fabulous pair of heels to cleanse your palette. I'd hate it if you questioned my taste forever! Haha. This is from Ferretti btw. I got them a couple of weeks ago. Yes I'm on a shoe rampage. That Topshop one is the fifth pair I got this month alone! Blame the sales!