Reader Question: Makeup pet peeves

Hello beautiful ladies! The weather has been crazy and I am at forced cabin arrest. I have a serious issue with makeup mistakes, esp when people wear 'em with pride ;) I am no pro in makeup but I know a lot more than the basics. (Yes, I am claiming it) I cant stand unblended/cake-y or too white foundations, bright and unblended blush and spidery lashes and racoon eyes. Fourth is lipstick on teeth or anywhere but the lips. So, Id like to know, what top 3 makeup mistakes do you hate? - ManilaJen

Hi Jen! Same here, I'm just stuck at home working. Hope all is well on your end. :) So, about your question. Makeup is a fun way to express ourselves and I'd like to believe that we can wear whatever the hell we want, when we want - as long as we're ready for the consequences, that is. There is a wrong way of doing things, like when our makeup is rude or makes us look the opposite of good. 

My makeup pet peeves are ones that go against my makeup personal philosophy. These are also lessons I learned the hard way!

Watch this video, it's funny!

Pet Peeve #1: Too much makeup. Makeup looks best when it's used as a way to enhance our best assets and downplay our less desirable features. Personal, everyday makeup should be a way to show that you're healthy, successful, confident - not the other way around!

Too many layers of foundation, overdone eyebrows, goopy lip gloss and over five eyeshadow shades on a normal day out counts as "too much". Of course it's different if you're going to a photoshoot, but even during special occasions it's best to keep makeup flattering and understated.

Just remember - you really don't need a lot of makeup to look good! 

Pet Peeve #2: Lack of blending on the eyes and cheeks. Blending is something you have to work at to perfect, but trust me, it's worth all the practice! Bright points of blush on the cheeks, Snickers bar contouring, and eyeshadow done as if it's straight from a coloring book - no. Just no. 

Use soft, fluffy brushes to blend out all harsh lines of color. Use a side to side motion, or maybe even a swirling motion to soften your blush and eyeshadows. Also remember that it's easier to add makeup than it is to take away, so use only a little and build it if you feel you need more color. 

Pet Peeve #3: Wrong shades for your skin tone. Too light/dark foundation and too pale/cool/dark lipsticks, eyeshadows, and blushes can make your work unflattering. Choose the colors you wear carefully. Taupe eyeshadow and brown eyeshadow isn't the same thing, nor is a beige foundation the same as a yellow-toned one. It's all in the details! Make sure everything matches your skin if you want to come out with a prime look that suits you perfectly.

This isn't really about makeup but let's just say that this is a special beauty pet peeve of mine - femstaches. They are so obvious. They are so easy to remove. Do the math! Femstaches make the skin above our lips look darker, and when covered with makeup, that area looks gray. I think it's part of personal grooming, for the same reason we have to clean under our nails. 

Personally, I'm okay with some upper lip fuzz if you're too busy to remove hair there all the time. But a full-blown, untouched, growing-wild-like-a-jungle femstache? Hmm. I don't think so.  Wax, pluck, shave, epilate, do something.

So those are my beauty pet peeves. What are yours?