Eyebrow Makeup Week: MAC Eyeshadow in Espresso

A matte, neutral brown eyeshadow can do more than just shade your eyes - it can also perform well as eyebrow makeup. You're basically paying once for two items! How's that for a good deal? 

One of my favorite eyebrow powders is the MAC Espresso Eyeshadow (P1,000). This single eyeshadow is a neutral, mid-brown that suits most skintones, making it famous with makeup artists as a brow color. I actually like it better on my eyebrows than on my lids; it sticks to the skin so well, it can be a tad difficult to spread.

It lasts on my eyebrows all day. It's great for oily skin, where other more emollient products  seem to break down faster. It's also fairly easy to work with as long as you have a stiff eyebrow brush like this one from Charm.

I find that Esperesso isn't intense on the first layer so you can get more control in terms of pigmentation. It's not straight up taupe, chocolate, or even earth brown - it's just a hazy neutral mid-brown shade that blends with your hair color. I do about two layers to get these brows. I apply the color in short, upward strokes, filling in gaps and extending my brows a little inside and outside. 

Espresso is the third from the left (middle color)

Eyebrow powder is a slightly less convenient formula compared to a pencil, but it's your best option if you want really soft, almost hazy brows that look unarguably natural. The technique isn't difficult to learn too! You just need a nice eyebrow shader made from natural (not synthetic!) bristles. Plastic fiber bristles don't spread and blend eyebrow powder very well in my experience. It's best to use something stiff, dense, and made out of natural animal hair.

This is my ideal brush for brows! Charm Double Eyebrow Brush

Overall, I highly recommend the MAC Eyeshadow in Espresso as a brow color if you want soft brows and a product that can be used several ways. It's kinda expensive but a MAC eyeshadow lasts FOREVER - you'll be tired of using it before you run out!

Thoughts? What eyebrow makeup formula do you personally prefer?

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