Cheap finds: Royal & Langnickel art brushes

I have a new hobby - crafting. I love doing things with paper, but I'm partial towards cardmaking. It is ridiculously fun! It's like I'm building my makeup collection all over again, this time with cutting tools, adhesives, and paper. It allows me to indulge in the process of creating something with my bare hands. I don't often get to do that in my line of work, but I believe that making something - any thing - is crucial to my sanity and happiness. So I do it when I can.

Anyway, while I was looking for more supplies to add to my crafting collection, I came across this set of Royal & Langnickel art brushes. I found them in Deovir in Megamall (Megamall A, 5th Level)! I wanted to have reaaaallly precise brushes for my acrylics and gouache paints; these three taclon brushes look perfect. And guess what - I only paid P120 for the whole set!

Royal & Langnickel is famous for their cosmetics brushes, but their other business is art tools. Their basic makeup brushes actually aren't expensive, but the ones from the luxe lines - whoa. They're gorgeous and will gouge a hole in your wallet. I wish they're available here though! I would love to try them someday. For now I'm happy to have these three.

So wait why am I writing about these art brushes in my beauty blog? Three guesses. ;) The two smallest ones work well with gel eyeliner. They're just the right size, shape, and density to be pencil liner brushes! I get a precise, beautiful line with the smallest brush. Other than eyeliner, they can also be used for concealing small blemishes and nail art. How cool is that?

Here are swatches of a gel eyeliner applied with the 3/0 taclon brush (tiniest brush), 3/0 brush (mid), and 0 brush. The 0 brush is way too big to be comfortable on the eyes, but it will serve well as a concealer brush.

I just wish that they can be more dense and more stiff when I use them on my eyes. But hey, it's difficult to complain considering they're not really makeup brushes AND they are ridiculously inexpensive. :) It's always fun to repurpose products like this! I like the 3/0 well enough to use it as my official eyeliner brush. I think I'll keep the other two for my art stuff.

What do you think? Have you discovered "repurposed" beauty products recently? ^_^


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