Capsule Reviews: Etude House Color Pop Collection

The most useful advice that I've ever received in my life is Don't Panic. It is so difficult to remember that, you know, when everything is converging towards you in a massive wave and it is impossible to turn anywhere without being swallowed up like a piece of melting chocolate. Well. Grace under pressure is a skill. We can't learn it if we do not truly feel the heat.

The best way to deal with pressure is to take things one at a time. Sounds simple enough. So I'll do that. :)

Today I want to finally talk about the Etude House Color Pop Collection! This collection is all about bright, show-stopping colors in hues of orange, pink, blue, and green. Now it doesn't seem to be available in the Philippines just yet, but I will definitely update this space when it is! For the meantime here are some swatches and quick thoughts about each of the products I received from Korea.

I'll start with the Etude House Color Pop Shine Tint in Sunny Pop. First swatch and I thought I wouldn't like this, for it is such a fiery orange! I tried using a generous amount on my lips and it looked so patchy that I removed it immediately. However, the trick is to use only a couple of dots to get a sheer wash of reddy peach color on the cheeks and lips. It's one of those tints that you can't layer over, as it is meant to be sheer.

It looks pretty lovely that way. The lasting power is just okay, with about three to four hours per application. It is handy and comfortable enough for retouching, however, so it's not an issue for me. The formula is non-drying, non-streaking, and has no obvious smell. I like it well enough!

Sunny Pop is not so much orange but a reddish peach once it is spread out on skin

I know y'all are curious about the Color Pop Dear My Lips Talk in OR216. The matte white tube with an orange bow looks so pretty! And orange is a hot color this season if you've noticed. The lipstick is supposed to be matte, but it has a bit of sheen to it. The color is a bright Sunkist orange that I think would work with fair skin - just not for me.

I am disappointed in the formula of this one. It's not completely even after several layers, plus it sorta flakes on my lips. The color is also unflattering on me, to put it mildly. :( I hope the other colors aren't a patchy as this one! I think this is a fluke, as all the other EH lipsticks I've tried are pretty good.

Oh and here is my favorite from the whole collection: the Color Pop Drawing Show Creamy Pencil. This has an awesome lasting power for a creamy, opaque pencil! It's almost waterproof. Once it sets, it solidifies. And don't you just love the colors?

You will need to layer a couple of times to get a really solid line of color, and you need to do this fast before the formula hardens. 

I will definitely grab more shades when the collection comes out. I imagine a pencil would be inexpensive, at less than P500 knowing Etude House's prices. My eye is on that bordeaux red and navy blue! 

OR202 and PK103

Last but not the least, here's the Color Pop Nail Polish. It has the same formula as other EH polishes - dries fast, opaque in two layers, and has a creamy, non-streaky application. It does chip within a day or two, but for very affordable polish, its other qualities are not too bad. Just use a tough top coat like Seche Vite.

Here are the complete, fairly accurate nail swatches:

And here are my swatches:

So there you go. Got your gleaming, mascara-laden eyes on anything? Let me know in the comments!

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