The armored finger

Hey folks! What's up? Sometimes I feel weird just talking about what I did, what I wore, and what I thought about all the time here. I know it's the nature of a blog, but I feel so self-absorbed I'm sick of myself. :P You have to help me out by talking about yourselves too, and suggesting topics I can work on! This blog isn't all about just me, you know, not anymore. It's a community of beauty enthusiasts and I always, always take your input into consideration. So let me know what you want to read about, okay?

Anyway I was scouring through my photo albums when I found a set of pics I took about two months ago. It's a Pinkbox ring that I absolutely adore! It reminds me of a film called the Curse of the Golden Flower, which I loved. I wrote a whole blog post about it and all. Haha. This ring makes me feel like a Chinese empress whenever I wear it (er, humor me).

I know you'll ask - is the ring uncomfortable? A little. It's thick and it doesn't bend that far, but it doesn't hamper me grabbing things. It's impossible to write with it on but I can easily text or type so it's not that big of a bother. I have another jointed ring like this (is that what it's called?) with a sort of Aztec mask design on it - it's slimmer and bends farther, hence it's easier to work with.

You really don't want to get punched in the face with these rings on. Haha! Pinkbox has all sorts of stylish rings like this, so you have to check out a store some time. ;) They're not that expensive too!