Lipstick Week: L'Oreal Color Riche Intense Lipstick

High-end lipsticks are nice to have, but if you're on a budget there are also wonderful alternatives out there. You won't be getting the same fine texture, lasting power, and packaging of course but for the price you're still nabbing a pretty good deal. ;) Take for example the L'Oreal Color Riche Intense Lipstick (P625). This drugstore product can give those luxe tubes a run for their money!

It's weird that these lippies aren't receiving a lot of noise here - they're quite good! Pigmented, creamy, and beautifull packaged, these come in a variety of show-stopping colors. The texture is smooth and light on the lips. It doesn't feel waxy at all.

Worth mentioning is the fact that these lippies also have no scent or taste. They definitely don't feel drugstore! The lasting power is just average though (about 3 hours + a mild stain), and they are neither moisturizing or drying on me. I would still prefer to dab balm to prime my lips before application.

Think Pink is a bright pink with a bluish lavender base. It's a close enough copy of the famous MAC Pink Noveau (which I have!), but this is way warmer and friendlier on Asian skin. I love it! It pained me to give this to my mom, but she was complaining how the tube of Pink Noveau I also gave her didn't suit her. She's pretty happy with Think Pink!

Viva Red is a bold, yellow-based cherry red. It's a wee bit deeper than your average red, which makes it perfect for those modern 50s looks. I quite like it but it doesn't particularly stand out among the reds I already have. 

Fairy Touch is a peachy brown with a hint of pink. It's a gorgeous nudish MLBB on me! I'm very annoyed that I lost this, hence the lack of swatches. I only got to use it once before it mysteriously disappeared! In any case I do recommend this to girls who are looking for a nice everyday lipstick.

The golden tubes are classy, although it's the lack of heft that gives them away. It's a minor point though.

Overall, the L'Oreal Color Riche Intense Lipstick is a nice buy if you're looking for a new drugstore lipstick to love. They're light on the lips, opaque in one or two layers, and the colors are lovely. Oh and that golden packaging is so Guerlain. ;)

Have you tried this? Which shade is your fave? Sound of in the comments!