Eye of Horus Natural Smoky Eye Pencil in Black

My blogging backlog is alarming. I probably have over a hundred reviews and features filed away by now but I have stopped knowing where to begin! :( I can probably just quickly mention things here, but then I'd be wasting space. I don't want Project Vanity to be a repository of random beauty/fashion features - whatever I put out here should count. Be valuable. There are a lot of good brands and products out there but the point should be curation - what is worth writing and reading about?

So I figured, I will just write about the things I really, really like at the moment while I am organizing everything. It happens that the Eye of Horus Natural Smoky Eye Pencil (P960 at Glamourbox) has caught my eye!

I've had this for maybe three months now but honestly thought it wasn't anything special. I've seen some rave reviews, sure, but I was still incredulous. I've swatched it a few times in the past but I assumed that the consistency was too soft to be reliable when it comes to long hours and oiliness around the eye area. Wrong! This is an awesome pencil for that smudged smoky eye, or for something simpler like a soft natural line. It is buttery but most importanttly, it stays in place!

Can't believe I'm saying that of a pencil this ridiculously soft, but it's true. The pencil starts out as a smoky black line, not exactly opaque but not faded either. It actually feels like cream eyeshadow! But then it dries and sets into a fairly solid rim of color around the eyes. I find that it doesn't stray to the lower lids even if I've had it on for six hours. It does fade and smudge a little after a few hours when used on the waterline, but I suppose that adds to the disheveled, rock star look. 

I love the smudger. It's not too hard but it's not too soft either. It has just the right firmness and sponginess to turn the eyeliner into a smoky, smudgy, sultry creature. Haha. I don't think I've ever had a smudgy eyeliner that doesn't actually look like someone rubbed soot on my eyes as a practical joke.


Softly smoked-out line

Dramatic, glam rock line, liner layered heavily

Nice eh? This Eye of Horus pencil was made for smudging, indeed! I have other more opaque eyeliners that have equally good staying power so I'd prefer to use them for a normal eyeliner look (you know what I mean!) but for quick smoky eyes, I would use EoH instead. Nothing smudges (cleanly) like it does.

Overall, the Eye of Horus Natural Smoky Eye Pencil in Black is a nice buy if you like smudgy and/or smoky eyes. It's very handy for that particular purpose due to the soft texture, awesome smudger tip, and great staying power. Love it! You can purchase this pencil at the Glamourbox Boutique.

Have you tried this yet? What do you think?