Penshoppe at Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2013

Are you loving the cooler weather lately? It's still hot, but at least it's not scorching hot! I would sometimes go out at 8am to walk my dog and already the sun was unbearable. But now there's a cool wind blowing, the sun is bright but not burning. Perfect!

A change in the weather means a change in your wardrobe. We're in a tropical country so floral prints, bright colors, or anything short and airy are du jour, but I'm sure you also get bored wearing the same things. It's always a relief to get the chance to layer clothes and wear sweaters again.

If you're looking a for some inspiration on what to wear this rainy season, check out these new pieces from Penshoppe! This is what they presented at the recently concluded Philippine Fashion Week. I got to attend the show and it was pretty fun (albeit over in like 15 minutes). These looks are great for everyday shindigs, with a street smart edge to them. Have a look!


There are some pretty cool looks for guys here, too! If you want your man to be better dressed, slyly nudge them to the direction of these photos. Haha. Or at least get him a smart blazer or leather jacket - those always look great with anything!

So there you have it. Which one is your favorite look? And I'm wondering: do you wish your boyfriend or husband dressed better, or do you prefer to leave them to their own devices?