Liz Asks: What part do you enjoy most in your beauty routine?

Routines help us make sense of the universe, or, since we're on a beauty blog - they help us make sense of messy hair, oily skin, pimples, and whatever else fate throw at us. Without routines we'd be like plankton, floating aimlessly in the ocean. (According to National Geographic though even plankton has its own cycles, but thank goodness they're not sentient...or are they?)

Okay enough with the crazies! I shall focus! Today I have a question, the answer to which I would love to hear from you: what's your fave part in your beauty routine? The part you enjoy the most? Not just talking about skincare here ha, I also want to include your makeup routine. Sometimes we get lazy to do one thing or other in our beauty ritual, and some parts are non-negotiable (like facial wash), so I'm curious to know what you actually relish doing!


My favorite part would have to be choosing and applying lipstick. Surprise, surprise. I like the fact that I have a lot of options, and it's always challenging to choose the right lipstick for the right look. Is there such a thing as a lipstick connoiseur? Because I'd love to put that in my resume, haha.

A close second would be the process of applying serum on my face. I feel like I'm nourishing my skin, and helping it be the best version of itself. Most people would skip the serum - indeed, you don't need need it - but for me serum is crucial. It's a great, concentrated solution to a specific skin issue. If you can find the right one for you then you've hit a gold mine.

So! It's your turn! What part do you enjoy most in your beauty routine?