Capsule review and FOTD: Artdeco Butterfly Dreams

Whimsical and ethereal, the new Artdeco Butterfly Dreams Collection is sure to appeal to girls with a soft spot for pastels. There's a beautiful selection of nail polishes and lipsticks that flatter Asian skin, as well as new eye definition products such as a felt tip eyeliner and a volumizing mascara.

Pretty eh? I'll be reviewing a couple of products fully in the future (that blush definitely deserves a whole post of its own), but for now I'll be sharing quick reviews and a look I did using the collection. 

The limited edition Beauty Box Quattro (P425) with the new eyeshadows (P350 each) is quite lovely, but it's not as pigmented as I hoped. Even with a primer, the pastels didn't show up all that well! The violet is the most pigmented in the bunch, followed by the golden pink, blue, and mint. 

Nevertheless, it's an inspiring color combination and I loved how my look turned out. I just basically lined the colors side by side (pink on the inner corner, mint in the middle, blue on the outer corner, and violet on crease) and added a hint of brown to define the outer v just to tie everything together.

The Artdeco Sensitive Fine Liner in Deep Black (P450) was unwieldy to use at first due to the stiffness of the tip, but I eventually figured out a way to make it work. Instead of trying to draw a straight line in one go, I just place it sideways and "stamp" small lines together. It's super easy to create a thin cat eye with this plus it stays on well even if it's not waterproof. Not bad for the price, huh! You should try this if you don't like bendy brushes on liquid liners.

The Artdeco Amazing Effect Mascara (P595) is just so-so. It smudges a little (also not waterproof) and doesn't do much to really plump up the lashes. I do like the "bald" brush though since I don't make many mistakes with it as opposed to thick and fat brushes. 

Peach pink blushes are idiot-proof face brighteners. The Artdeco Blusher in 38 First Love (P550) is no exception! It's a pretty shade with super fine gold shimmer, very similar to the famous NARS Orgasm. This is more pigmented though - and definitely a lot cheaper! Wait for the review ha? 

Last but not least, here I have the new Artdeco Art Couture Lipstick in Cream Sweet Red (P895). One word: classy! Box to bullet, this lippie is dripping elegance in terms of quality and tactile experience. At first the frost put me off but with the rose shade, it doesn't look weird or dated on me. If anything, the frosty shine helps make my lips look fuller.

I'd say, this one's a keeper, although not a conventional choice because it looks blah in the tube.

So there you go. :) Does anything stand out to you? What would you like to try?

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