Roses out of the blue

What would you do if you received a rose from a cute stranger? Beautiful love stories, real or imagined, begin that way. I was having dinner with friends when I received a teal rose from a good-looking dude. It had a small tag that says it's from Jorgen. I don't know who he is but no matter - it made my day!

The guy proceeded to hand out these lovely roses to every girl around our dinner group. I don't know about you, but I believe in the power of fowers. :) Just look at their faces! I'm sure they felt as special as I did upon receiving the rose.


So...who is Jorgen? We can explore his identity in his Facebook page. There you can see Jorgen teasers and fun facts. He also gives wonderful and sweet romantic quotes and tips on what real men like and how to catch the love of your life. :) Click!

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