INGLOT Freedom System Cream Concealer

I never did get into the habit of regularly scheduling posts here on my blog. I do schedule them when I'm out of town or when I have a huge job that'll take up the whole day; otherwise, I more or less blog whatever feels right for the day. Oh believe me, I've tried coming up with posts in one day as if they're from an assembly line! But it just feels so forced. The content I end up finally vomiting sounds fake to me. 

There are bloggers who do scheduled posts and I admire them (it's more efficient, truly). It's just not for me.

I have a couple of meetings today so I'll make this review quick. ;) I've already mentioned purchasing the INGLOT Freedom System Cream Concealer (P475) during the brand's launch here, and have been using it on and off for a few weeks now. How is it? It's okay. It's weird, but okay enough.

This cream concealer is only semi-solid, unlike other pan concealers I've tried before. It almost feels like paste to me, thick, sticky, and wet. I imagine that this formula would belong better in a tube - and INGLOT does have a concealer in a tube - but if you wanna fit a concealer in your Freedom Palette, then this is the way to go.

The coverage is medium to heavy. Since it's so wet you have to take care to dip in the pan carefully, and to only pick up a little bit. It can cover most blemishes and eyebags, but for extremely dark areas this concealer is simply too emollient to be completely opaque.

See what I mean?

On the up side, I got a near perfect shade match in LC300

I wouldn't say that this is particularly long-wearing either, as I have noticed fading after five hours. I expect face bases to last longer than that! Again, this must be due to the wet consistency that does not completely set. Even when I layer oodles of powder on top of it, it still slips away eventually.

Overall, the INGLOT Freedom System Cream Concealer is an okay concealer. It's not completely terrible since it has great coverage and is particularly amazing on dry eyebags, but it could definitely be better. The wet, pasty texture is just really in the way, y'know? I recommend this for those with dry skin as the texture is more forgiving, but skip this if you're oily or combination. It's simply too emollient.