FOTD and capsule reviews: The Face Shop Holiday 2013 Makeup

Have you been to a The Face Shop store lately? They have lots of nice gift items at different price levels. You should drop by if you're still rushing to get your Christmas shopping done! They have bath gels and loofah sets, useful for gifting en masse. But that's pretty standard fare. Today I want to show you a look I did using some of TFS's holiday makeup.

Unlike other holiday collections, the color selection here is quite summery. The only exception would be the glittery gold I Wait Rainbow Me:Ex eyeshadow. Nevertheless, the collection looks pretty festive when used together. I did a look that brightens the eyes and gives skin a healthy glow - gold cat eyes, peach cheeks, and rosy lips.

I'll shortly review each item, for your reference. I don't have the exact prices at the moment but there is nothing above P600 if I remember correctly.

Let's start with the Lovely Me:Ex Pastel Cushion Blusher in 02 Coral Cushion. This is a lovely pink peach blush housed in a cute cardboard case. The name isn't lying though, when it said it was "pastel". This is very sheer on my skin - it barely even shows up. I think I did four or five layers here just to get that hint on coral on my skin.

Thankfully, the blush layers beautifully. It doesn't look powdery or thick even though I used a heavy hand (see my look above).

Next up is the Lovely Me:Ex You & Eyes 11 Wonder Gold. This is a metallic, flaky gold eyeshadow that's just perfect for the holidays. I applied a heavy layer on my eyes using the foiling method (technically just a wet brush) to get maximum opacity. Then I just blended it out with a copper shadow, so that it doesn't look too garish.

Glitter for me, babe

The camera doesn't quite capture how metallic and shimmery this eyeshadow is. It's fab for parties! Just remember to use a base and if possible don't do your foundation before your eyes. Expect a lot of glitter fall out.

For my lips, I used a combination of lip liner and lip gloss. I think that the Touch My Lip Liner has been around for a while, but one of the new shades is 02 Dust Rose. It's creamy enough, but do use a light layer of lip balm first to make it easier to fill in your lips. The lip liner stains beautifully and stays on for at least five hours. 

I used the I Love Pure Color Gloss in Chic Brown on top to emulsify the pigments in the liner, to make it look more like lipstick. I like this gloss - it's not drying and doesn't feel too thick on my lips. Not bad for around P400-500! 

Love how the color turned out!

So there you fave it, my The Face Shop holiday look. ^_^ Let me know what you think, as always!

Liz Lanuzo19 Comments