Eyeliner Week: Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Black Ink

Freelancing is fun, but there is a huge BUT. It requires me work, more hours, more frustration. Then, come payment time, it's extra drama for everyone involved in processing the money. I used to be timid when demanding what is owed to me, but I'm all done with that nonsense. I have no time to play nice when someone, say, haven't paid me for eleven months.

When will I ever learn.

But on to more positive things! One of the most-recommended eyeliners out there is the Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Black Ink (P1,000+). I've been hearing about this for years now, back when I had just started getting into makeup and was looking to invest in a gel eyeliner. I ended up with the MAC Fluidline (a product that's been my HG for a long time), but I'm glad to get the chance to try this Bobbi Brown one!

Black Ink is a matte, opaque black eyeliner that glides on smoothly without being overly wet. That's what some people actually don't like about the MAC Fluidline - it's so creamy that it ends up skidding all over the lids if not applied carefully. The BB liner has a slightly harder, waxier texture that allows for more control, no matter what brush you use.

It has an amazing staying power. This doesn't smear or smudge on me, even when I wore it the whole day! As in, zero. The Bobbi Brown pencil liner smudges but this one is having none of that crap. :P Haha. I like this better than the pencil definitely.

What don't I like? Hmm, I wish it was as pigmented as the MAC Fluidline. That one is a glossy, intense black. The Bobbi Brown gel liner needs to be layered a couple of times to get a deep, super black line - but that's just me. It's pretty black and pigmented in just one layer!

Overall, I highly recommend the Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Black Ink if you're looking for a topnotch eyeliner and don't mind spending for it. This is for people who aren't comfortable with the liquid-y formula of the MAC Fluidline but want the same opacity and excellent wear time.

Thoughts? What beauty product (aside from foundation and skincare) are you willing to splurge on?