The best blending brush ever: SOFFIA Opulence Blending Brush

I'm back from Japan! I'll be blogging about my trip soon, just let me detox from all the awesomeness I had to take in last weekend. Haha. I had a ton of fun going around Tokyo and then visiting the Shiseido factory in Kakegawa. It was great to witness the brand's commitment to excellence firsthand, how it always strives develop new, sustainable techology. More on that soon!

Today I'd just like to quickly rave about this new line of brushes called SOFFIA. The brand is the latest venture of Sophie Uy, the same amazing woman behind Charm brushes and Sample Room! It's her first time to venture into high-end tools and frankly, my dears, she is nailing it.

SOFFIA Opulence Blending Brush (P950) is indeed the best blending brush I have ever tried. It's waaaay better than the MAC 217, which was my absolute favorite before when it comes to refining my eyeshadow work. This brush is ridiculously soft - it's the softest brush I have ever had the pleasure of using.

I know, too many superlatives in one paragraph, but I'm not saying that because Sophie is my friend or whatever. This is seriously softer than anything available in the local market right now - even more than luxury brands. You'll know I'm not kidding when you touch it yourself.

This is gentle on the eyes because of its ultra-plush Japanese squirrel-inspired hair. It's a little big, a little longer than the MAC 217. It's fatter than the Charm vegan blending brush (pink handle). It feels unwieldy at first, this SOFFIA brush, but I got used to it quickly enough.

I once mistakenly applied too much black eyeshadow one time, and was in such a major rush that I instantly panicked. I DID NOT want to go to a party wearing giant panda eyes! But where the MAC217 failed to blend out all that black properly, the SOFFIA Blending Brush came to the rescue. It's so soft yet firm enough to erase all those sharp lines.

Eyeshadows blended with my gal SOFFIA

I wish it can apply powder and cream eyeshadow straight from the pan like the MAC 217, but it is simply too soft and too long for that purpose. Just use a proper flat rounded brush for applying eyeshadows. The SOFFIA brush is best for blending, applying highlighter and nose contour, but not for concentrated eyeshadows on the lids.

It's actually not that expensive considering the quality to price ratio. The P950 is very reasonable. I highly recommend that you go to the display in the SOFA Retail Lab in Powerplant to see just how special it is compared to other brushes. :)

So that's that. Let me know what you think!

Liz Lanuzo15 Comments