Back in our arms: Philosophy Skincare

Purity is natural. We come to this world with all the right instincts, we are innocent and, therefore, perceive things as they should be, rather than how they are. Our conscience is clear, our hands are clean and the world at large is truly beautiful.

Who would've thought a facial wash would inspire me this way? You may have heard the exciting news already: Philosophy is back in Manila! This time around, the line of products are more expansive although the only makeup is the lip gloss. Who knows - maybe they'll bring their foundation soon.

Philosophy will have its flagship store in the new wing of Megamall this December 12. Please do visit it then. ;) In the meantime, here are some well-loved products to look out for and their prices!

The best sellers: Purity Facial Wash (P1,395), Amazing Grace Spray Fragrance (P2,495) and Hope In a Jar Moisturizer (P1,995)

The Grace Series: Shower Gel P1,495), Grade Spray Fragrance (P2,495), and Amazing Grace Firming Body Emulsion (P2,145)

Bath & Body Shower Gels (P1,245 for 480ml)

Miracle Worker, the hard-working skincare line for sensitive skin

Microdelivery Triple-Acid Brightening Peel (P3,995)

Lipgloss (P645)


Have you made a shopping list already? They're also going to come out with Holiday Sets so hold your horses until you see 'em!