INGLOT in the Philippines - soon!

I'm v.v.v excited about the fact that INGLOT Cosmetics will open in Manila very soon. They'll be setting up shop in Glorietta 5 and I can't wait! No really, I can't. Imma camp out. I've seen swatches and reviews of their eyeshadows online and have since longed for some of my own. I think there are a couple of resellers somewhere, but they don't carry all the colors. And I want to see and swatch ALL the colors before filling up my own Freedom Palette.

Photo from

A little backgrounder: INGLOT was founded by Wojciech (pronounced Voy-check) Inglot. He built the brand over 25 years ago, turning it into an international success through the years. INGLOT is particularly famous for their Freedom System. It's a set of palettes that you can customize with blush, eyeshadows, concealer, foundation, and lipstick - swoon! You better watch out if you're a color freak.

Photo from Inglot USA

I'll let you know what's up once they launch. I just hope the prices are reasonable! Thoughts?

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