Eyeshadow Week: Clinique All About Shadow Duo

Clinique is probably not the first brand on our minds when it comes to eyeshadow, but it won't fail to surprise you in that department. Remember the Clinique Chubby Stick for Eyes? Those are pretty good! Recently, the brand released an all-new, reformulated eyeshadow duo. Is it worth a look-see?

The Clinique All About Shadow Duo (P1,250) comes in a luxe silver case just like the brand's powder foundation. I'm really liking this direction; silver is a much more updated color than Clinique's minty green! Remember when their duos came in green plastic? Haha. This time, thick acrylic case looks more expensive and sturdy.

So! The formula. I've tried Clinique powder eyeshadows before and they quite frankly weren't good. The colors were too sheer and difficult to build up. But that was years ago. Now, the reformulated eyeshadows are considerably more pigmented and smooth! They are so pigmented that if you're lazy you can get away without wearing any eyeshadow base underneath.

Uptown Downtown

Mango Smoothie

Royal Couple

(Sorry for the weird yellow skin, this photo was taken under direct flourescent light)

Mango Smoothie has a lot of sparkly bits, so I'd say it's my least favorite. It looks like it's formulated for very fair skin too, since frosty white and peach isn't something I could not wear alone. Uptown Downtown's pink and smoky charcoal combo is really chic, while Royal Couple's lavender and purple pairing is just perfect and warm. 

Overall, I am really liking the new Clinique All About Shadow Duos. They are quite pricey, but if you like the luxe silver case and color combinations then why not, right? I'd love to check out the other shades, they look lovely.