My top 10 favorite finds last September

I eat street food because I want to see just how tough my stomach is. I want to challenge fate, spit in its eye, you know? I feel invincible because I've never gotten typhoid from all the unnamed fishballs I've consumed. Related (but not really) is the fact that a random flu bug can take me down swifter than any street isaw I deliberately ate. Well played, Fate. Well played.

Anyway. Here's my monthly list of ten amazing finds!

My current favorite cheek beautifier is theBalm Instain Blush. This is incredibly long-wearing and pigmented! I like how it makes my skin look like it's just naturally blushing. Highly recommend this for oily girls.

Here's another one from theBalm - the What's Your Type? The Body Builder Mascara. I love this because I get major volume in just one coat, plus it doesn't smudge or smear on me. It's also very easy to take off - it melts right off with just my water-based makeup remover!

I adore the Naturactor Cover Face Foundation because it has this smooth, baby-skin finish that I haven't seen yet in other foundations. It's just one of those things you have to try and see for yourself! I promise you'll be amazed. However, the shade selection is severely limited. If you're medium yellow like me, I don't think that 151 (darkest shade) will work. But who knows! I might be able to try that shade out soon.

There are oodles of lovely lipstick shades out in the market, but one thing you MUST have is a brown-based pink. An MLBB, that is. One of my favorites is the MAC Sheen Supreme in Bare Again. It's very flattering against my skin.

I rarely use glosses but I've been using them more after I got a set of the Lancome Gloss In Love. This feels utterly plush and comfortable on my lips! It doesn't have a sticky/tacky texture at all. I also like that the darker shades are pigmented enough to be used alone, without any lipstick underneath.


A good set of well-groomed eyebrows can make you feel like a million bucks. Try the Tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof Brow Mousse if you want to get creamy-looking eyebrows that won't take a lot of time to achieve.

If you're on a budget though, a pencil like the Majolica Majorca Brow Customize Sword Cut Pencil works well in defining brows in a jiffy. The pencil end is cut just like the Shu Uemura Hard Formula brow, and it's even a bit more pigmented for faster shading.

 Hsve you been following Eyeshadow Week? ;) The first palette I featured is the Avon True Color Eyeshadow Quads. I love the reformulated version! It's much more pigmented and smooth this time around. I love all three palettes I have, but my favorite would have to be Vibrant Spice (above). The color combination rocks! It's the most pigmented out of all three too.

I love using the Too Cool For School Super Cleanser TAKKOZA Cleansing Tissue for extra quick makeup removal. I'm lazy, sue me! These may just be wipes, but it can remove any non-waterproof mascara. It's pretty effective.

I've raved about this skincare line several times already - on my blog, Twitter, Instagram, everywhere! You'll see what I mean when you try the Shiseido Ibuki Skincare Line. ;)

And that's it really! Share your fave finds from last month too, alright?