Shiseido Lacquer Rouge in Caramel RD215

Soooo how was your long weekend? I spent most of mine watching The Lizzie Bennet Diaries! I send my wholehearted thanks to Eula for writing about on her blog. ^_^ If you love Jane Austen, specifically Pride & Prejudice, then you'll love this YouTube series. It's a modern retelling of that swoon-inducing classic, shared in three-minute vlogs per episode. Yeah I thought that format wouldn't work too but I AM HOOKED. I'm already on episode 70! You're welcome haha.

Anyway today I thought I'd share with you an awesome nude liquid lipstick: the Shiseido Lacquer Rouge in Caramel RD215 (P1,250). This is one of Shiseido's latest shades, just released last month! There are about a dozen new colors out now so if you love the Shiseido lipsticks and lacquers as much as I do, then you must go on a swatching spree. I'm actually giving away another shade that I loved here. ;)

Caramel or RD215 is my second Lacquer Rouge. I loved the shade of my first one, Disco (a crazy hot pink) but it bleeds because it's so pigmented! Caramel has no such issue. Maybe because it's a nude shade which makes it hard for me to see any mess outside of the lip line, but I think that the formula sticks much better than it used to. I don't know. Could it be that Shiseido reformulated?

Caramel RD215 is a warm nude shade. It has a reddish brown undertone which means that you won't get washed out even if you're morena.

The thing that turns me off about most nude lipsticks is that when they fade, everyone sees ugly patches of our natural lip color showing through. That's why you'll notice that I don't wear a lot of nudes here! I like this Lacquer Rouge though. It has an awesome staying power plus it stains the lips evenly. I've worn it for four hours without retouching and it looked good, even though most of it has faded away.

The color is already solid in one swipe, but I prefer to go over twice to get maximum opacity. The formula is non-drying and not sticky even though it feels rather tacky on the lips.

Overall, I recommend the Shiseido Lacquer Rouge in Caramel RD215 if you're looking for a flattering warm nude that stays on well. If you don't like the gloss-like, slightly tacky feeling in your lip products though, there are other more buttery and lightweight options. ;)

Let me know what you think!