Shiseido Week: Perfect Rouge Lipstick in Fuchsia RS320

One of the readers said last Saturday, "I think I cant afford Shiseido. But do you think it is worth saving up for? I mean if I were to buy cosmetics, should I go for Shiseido rather than the more affordable but quality products [out there]?" 

I've answered a similar question like this before in my Why Luxury post. But I suppose it's worth answering again in the context of Shiseido. Why Shiseido, then? I think that they spend enormous amounts of money and work on their products. I think they are obsessive about detail (which is a pervasive Japanese quality, from what I've observed first-hand). Their products have always worked well with my skin type and tone. They have a rich history, and this (along with the packaging) gives me a small thrill of luxury whenever I use one of their products.

If you have the cash to blow on beauty products then I highly recommend Shiseido to be one of your first stops. ;) If you're on a budget then there are definitely a lot of other options that work well for the price. Or, you can always consider Majolica Majorca or ZA Cosmetics, which are Shiseido's direct drugstore counterparts.

So! For round two of Shiseido Week, I'm going to start with the Perfect Rouge Lipstick in Fuchsia RS320 (P1,250). This is a gorgeous magenta-fuchsia lipstick that has a creamy feel and a luscious sheen. The color is opaque in one swipe, and it lasts for a good amount of time (about five hours) as long as you don't eat or drink.

The formula is quite moisturizing; I can skip lip balm when I'm wearing this. It doesn't flake when it dries and in fact continues to feel moisturizing even after it's long gone.

Bright and opaque, Fuchsia RS320 is the color that everyone will ask about

Lipsticks with creme finishes are da bomb! Fuchsia might be intimidating at first, but it goes really well with medium morena skin like ours. It's a nice detour from the traditional hot pink; it's not too neon but the statement is definitely not one to miss.

My only gripe about it though would be that it transfers unattractively when you drink. The lipstick doesn't seem ruffled at all, but you'll feel a good chunk go on the rim of your glass or straw. Just don't drink immediately the first half hour of you applying this - or else. Let it settle and dry a bit first.

Love the sleek black bullet. It's shaped like the camellia logo of Shiseido.

Overall, I recommend that you try the Shiseido Perfect Rouge Lipstick if you want a moisturizing yet long-wearing lip color formula. Go for Fuchsia RS320 if you like something purply-pink and bright; it's definitely a memorable and uncommon shade! If you want something safe yet still get that cheery pop of pink, try the Perfect Rouge in PK147. It's one of my fave pink lippies. ;)

Thoughts? Are you into purply lipsticks?