Benetton Bianco Woman

The weather is kinda muggy and sticky lately. It's super humid in the day, and then it rains at night. That's your typical Philippine weather, but it's just weird that it's happening in September. Shouldn't it be a little colder by now? Anyway, I've been using a new-ish scent to make me feel cleaner in this irritating heat: the Benetton Bianco Woman (P850/ 30ml, P1,350/ 100ml).

I've had this for months but it's just recently that I started using it. I really like it because it's so presko (fresh) and doesn't cloy in this heat. It's a mix of gardenia, linen, with some green into it. It's a crisp scent that I find universally flattering and just well, pleasant!

The 30ml bottle looks like sturdy glass with a secure cap, so it's something that can be carried around. It's small enough to slip into your purse if you like to retouch.

It is an EDT however so it doesn't last too long on clothes and skin. It does linger on me, unlike other EDTs out there. Must be my body chemistry? Someone has to explain to me how that works vis a vis fragrances! 

Overall, the Benetton Bianco Woman is a nice, fresh scent that will not develop into a musky mess in humid weather. I like me some drama when it comes to fragrances (oriental and sweet florals are my thing) but when it's uncomfortably hot I go for something simpler like Bianco. :)