Etude House Nail Remover #3 Sensitive Nail

I wish that women would remove their nail polish as soon as it starts chipping obviously. I think that leaving cracked and fading nail polish on looks shabby; if you can't maintain it, don't wear it. Just keep your nails au naturale if you don't have time to touch it up!

Hmm, I should make a tutorial on touching up nail polish. For the meantime, I just want to share my current favorite polish eraser: the Etude House Nail Remover #3 Sensitive Nail (P278)!

This is all new to me. It's acetone-free and also supposedly infused with orange oil. It's oily and smells like tangerine, if that's any indication. I like that it doesn't dry up my cuticles and nails, and it smells yummy too! There's still that nail polish remover smell but it's cloaked with a candy tangerine scent. 

It removes polishes fairly well - I just have to go back a couple of times to remove thick layers. Oooh another thing I like is that it has a safety cap to avoid spills. You have to push then turn before you can open it. I don't mind the extra work because there is NOTHING worse than spilling acetone on my stuff. 

Overall, the Etude House Nail Remover #3 Sensitive Nail is a great product that's worlds different from the polish removers I've tried in the past. I like the oily texture and fruity scent, as well as the fact that it doesn't dry up my fingers. It's not too expensive for a big bottle, too. I'm definitely buying this when I run out!

Soo, what do you think? Does this look like something you'd try?