Awesome DIY ideas!

I love looking at DIY tutorials but I never get around to actually doing them. I'm all fired up today though! Must be the caffeine! I'm hyper inside! Wil be stepping out in a while to buy materials and turn myself into the next DIY Queen. Kidding. Maybe. Don't listen to me!

You need to know this though: there is an awesome craft store that sells stamps, punchers, and other specialty products somewhere in the Greenhills area. Must visit. Read the Quaint Desk for the guide!

Photo via Quaint Desk

Anyway, here are some cool DIY ideas that I am bookmarking for you (and myself). Tell me, which one is your favorite? :D

Sunglasses with plaster rosettes ala Dolce & Gabbana

Chiffon knots + open-toed shoes = WIN

Bling your way to the catwalk! But make sure you don't mind running the risk of ruining a perfectly good pair of heels. ;)

Ice cream coin purse. Too cute!

This is a tissue holder but it can also be converted as a bag. Hmm.

Honest to goodness clutch bag. 

We all need one or twenty of these envelopes. Make them yourself then add some cute washi tapes, lace, what not!

Awesome, awesome, awesome.


PS I do not own any of these photos. If you are the owner or know who owns them, please let me know if you wish to be credited or want your photo taken down. Thanks a bunch!