Reader question: Primer and sweat proof makeup

Hi Liz! I have been an avid reader of your blog since last year and I think you are amazing! Especially because you also use low end cosmetics that are affordable for the average Pinay make up junkie :) I just wanna ask what affordable make up primer you can recommend and tips for sweat proof make up. I hate to admit it but I am a very sweaty person because of this heart condition I have that causes sudden increased heart rate. I just want my make up to last without spending a lot. I hope you can give me some tips and products to try. - Ana

Hi Ana! Thanks for reading my blog! I'm sorry to hear about your heart condition. About your makeup question, yes, I've come across a couple of affordable products that I feel can withstand a reasonable amount of sweat. :) To start off, you can try the Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer (P825). I haven't tried this personally but my friend who is super oily swore it helped keep her makeup in place.

It's a lotion-type primer so it doesn't feel like a thick, heavy layer on the face once the going gets tough. Oh, it can also smoothen out skin and cover minor pores instantly due to the silicone component. I think it'll go great with the Etude House Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream. This BB cream is specifically designed to be water-resistant, and I rather agree!

It's a very thick foundation that allows the sweat to pass through instead of melting with it. Not pretty to think about but it does the job. It's formulated for girls (and boys) who lead and active lifestyle hence the SPF50 and water-resistant properties.

This is a bit hard to spread though, which is why it's nice to apply on top of a silicone primer like Revlon's. Once everything is in place, set the makeup with your powder of choice. Most people would pick a translucent loose powder, but if you really want the lasting power, use your powder foundation (any one that you like will do). Just apply it with a fluffy powder brush to avoid the "caked on" look.

Lastly: no makeup, however expensive, can stand sweat that's been left to stew on your face. So always blot it off with tissue (the ones from Starbucks are mighty absorbent, and practically free too) whenever you can!

And that's about it really. I hope this helps, Ana! To the readers, if you have more tips, please help a homegirl out!