OOTD: Pretty and impractical

Good morning folks! I'm sure you've noticed the new layout. I've received quite a lot of feedback about it being slow. It is, and I'm sorry about that. But I hope you can be patient as I try to fix it up. In the meantime, I will still be posting as usual, so keep on checking back for new content everyday. ;)

So! Today I just want to show something I wore a couple of weeks back. I loved this look. It's so very...new to me. It's more revealing than I would normally go for that's for sure! But it was fun while I had it on.

SM blazer / Wacoal corset / Landmark shorts / Aldo bag / Zara heels / Pinkbox necklace and bangles

Also can I just ask: how do people walk in these shoes??? When I left the event I was breaking out in cold sweat because my feet hurt like a motherhumper. As Karots would say, "Ubusan ng glamour teh!" I would love to wear these heels more often but I just can't. Probably only in activities that last for two hours tops.

What was that quote? If you want to forget your problems for the day, wear ridiculously painful high heels. Guaranteed amnesia.