All the rage: Yabu, House of Katsu

I miss my dad. He went abroad again a few weeks ago - something of a surprise since we all thought he was going to retire. But we should take opportunities as they come. This time it’s a really good one so I hope he would be happy at his new job.

So yeah, we all miss him. He’s my driver, always up for gala and trying new things. In fact the last time we hung out I took him to Yabu. Denise, the Brand Manager of Yabu, invited me and a plus one to check out the place in Megamall. I normally don’t accommodate invites to try food, but a lot of bloggers have been raving about this restaurant so I thought, hey why not? I could squeeze it in before a meeting!

The katsu was lightly seasoned and not at all greasy even though it was unabashedly deep fried. It came with shredded cabbage, rice, and slices of fruit. I loved that the rice and cabbage is unlimited, as well as the sauces. Yum, yum, yum.

Kurobuta pork katsu

Seafood katsu


Sauce you can customize to your liking

Potato salad!

Watermelon shake

You should definitely try Yabu if you haven’t already done so. Did I say that your meal is free if the food came after the promised 30 minutes prep time? Anyway, my dad and I enjoyed the food the opportunity to bond. Looking forward to next time. :)