MAC Powerpoint Eye Pencil in Blue Stripe

Waking up to a rainy morning is always a treat. The air is cool, the outside smells like wet loam and green growing things. I would imagine, however, that it's a bitch if you have to commute to work. I'm grateful that I don't have to go out today.

Anyway I want to talk about a fairly novel (at least to me) eyeliner: the MAC Powerpoint Eye Pencil in Blue Stripe. Would you believe, it's my first ever navy blue eyeliner! I read somewhere that navy is recommended if you don't want your line to look as harsh as black or go the typical brown route. Makes sense! Navy blue is a nice choice if you want to try a different eyeliner color in the office without looking too avant garde.

I've been seeing the MAC Powerpoint pencils around since forever. Waaay back when I decided to invest in a good eyeliner, it came down to buying the MAC Fluidline or the Powerpoint. I went for the Fluidline because I wanted precision but of course gel eyeliner does have its drawbacks. It takes time, something that I just don't have a lot of lately.

Blue Stripe doesn't look super blue from afar; it's a bit muted, but when you look closely, that's when you notice the rich satiny dark blue color.

More and more, I've been depending on pencils to give me a great line. I'm glad that I finally got to try the Powerpoint because it's a pretty awesome pencil. Why? Because it's something I would trust my waterline with without using a primer underneath or setting it with powder. This cream pencil sets and hardens a bit so it doesn't smear or smudge for around five hours.

I also love how creamy the texture is; it doesn't skip or tug at the lids. The color is pretty pigmented too so I don't have to go over more than twice, thus saving time and product.

Overall, the MAC Powerpoint Eye Pencil in Blue Stripe is nice to have if you don't mind the price (P1,000) and would like to try a navy blue eyeliner just to change things up. This looks absolutely fabulous with red lips! Just look at Kirsten (MAC's brand coordinator) wearing it with a lippie from the Hey Sailor! collection called Sail La-Vie.

Love this look. I plan to try it soon! :) My gosh, so many looks I want to do, but so little time to do it or actually go to events worth doing them for. Good luck to me.

Have a great weekend chicas!