Nichido Minerals Precise Eye Pencil

This is funny. I've had this product for a week and I keep on using it as an eyebrow pencil! I thought it was an eyebrow pencil, I mean, it looks like one. It has a nutty brown shade that looks perfect for brows...right? I only noticed right now that it doesn't say anything about eyebrows, which means its an eyeliner. Oops.

Whatever the case is, I do like using the Nichido Minerals Precise Eye Pencil (P138) for my eyebrows. It's the right color for the job, although it takes quite a bit of blending to achieve natural looking brows. Still, for P134, I can't complain!

I'll be reviewing it as an eyebrow pencil since I haven't used it as legitimate eyeliner, okay. :) Now, this pencil is quite soft, which means that it coats my hair as a brow wax would. It's very pigmented so I get scary opaque brows upon initial application. However, a spoolie brush can easily solve that problem. Just blend outwards in quick strokes and you're done!

This nice nutty brown shade gets you pang-mayaman eyebrows. Lol! It's best to use colors like this instead of flat browns.

Looks great right? I love the shade - it's not too light, not too dark. Lasting power is pretty good as well. It doesn't fade or smudge during the day, plus it keeps my brow hairs in check.

Overall, I love the Nichido Minerals Precise Eye Pencil because it's affordable and looks great on me. It only goes to show that you don't have to spend a lot to get gorgeous brows! Oh, and props to products that have a dual purpose.

Tried this yet? ;)