OOTD: Bench love

I used to think that Bench was "jologs". I know, so uncharitable! But during the few times I've visited it in the past years I only saw tacky printed shirts and more jeans. All that has changed though! Bench now has a lot of cool finds at really good prices.

Bench top / Landmark skirt / Tonic shoes / Pinkbox accessories / Nine West bag

This newfound love of mine started when I was in Powerplant Mall a couple of months ago. This was before Bench contacted me for anything ha. I saw their Bench Edited store and got really curious - what's a Bench Edited? Exploring the place revealed it to be a well-curated version of Bench.

Their best pieces were displayed in a really classy space, and I loved it so much I went home with a shirt dress (that everyone asked about! I'll show it to you one of these days) and a pair of khaki capri pants. I just spent a little under P1,500. How cool is that? The pieces I got are so nice, I wear them all the time.

Now I visit Bench all the time. I won some GCs during their event so I got everything I wanted from the store! One of them was this knit top THAT IS AWESOME. It's airy, it's roomy, and hides all my flabs. Lol. 

Yesterday I got the best-fitting white v-neck shirt from their MOA branch for only P230. Crazy! You must get one of those!

Okay I'll stop rambling now. This isn't a sponsored post or anything - I'm just genuinely delighted by my re-discovery of Bench. Sometimes, the best brands are just right under our noses. :)