Sunplay: A liquid sunblock to love this summer

I won’t be the first nor will I be the last to wonder, but what’s up with summer this year? It’s quite harsh. Even though I’m lazy with sunblock, I now make it a point to wear one all over my body and face every time I go out. In fact I’ve hoarded a few bottles in preparation for this very month!


Speaking of sunblocks, I want to talk about one that I’ve been using for a while now: Sunplay. I’ve had the chance to try it last May. While it took me some time and practice to get used to this fairly unique liquid sunblock, I ended up liking it a lot! Read my old review first. Done? Here’s why I stuck with this product:


  • It’s something I can use over my favorite moisturizer. I don’t like most sunblock lotions because they can get sticky and greasy, but before I thought it’s just something we all need to put up with. But with Sunplay, you can just apply the liquid sunblock over your moisturized skin.
  • This product is liquid and non-oily, so it feels light when blended in. It dries quickly and allows skin to breathe.

  • It’s easy to apply once I got the hang of it. The trick is to draw one or two lines across your limbs (so shoulder to wrist, thigh to ankle) and then spread it around from there. It does look rather white so you really have to blend, but after a few minutes the whiteness will fade. 

  • Sunplay comes in small bottles that are convenient to bring in your purse or bag. I like bringing it along whenever I’ll be out in the sun for long periods of time. Speaking of - you HAVE to re-apply your sunblock if you plan to be out all day. The protection wears off, especially when you sweat a lot or take a swim.

So yes, Sunplay is a great buy for summer. :) It’s pricier than other drugstore sunblocks (P349-399) for a small bottle), but I do think that it has a lot to offer. If you have to pick one, I would suggest you get the SPF50 Clear Water variant. It’s the easiest to blend of them all, since it’s less white. I believe it’s best for daily use.

The one with SPF130 has impressive protection and is designed for outdoor activities, but it’s harder to blend due to more sun-reflecting ingredients. Get that one if you’re going for a long swim or if you plan to do some sunbathing.

And that’s it. Don’t forget to Like the SunPlay Facebook Page at www.facebook/sunplay130. If you’re up for it, do join the Dare to Play with SunPlay Contest too!

This is a sponsored post. Opinions are all mine though, as I have been using Sunplay for a while now.