Purifying Indulgence at the Facial Care Centre

"You've never had a face mask unless you've had one at the Facial Care Centre." That's what kept going through my head as the attendant carefully moulded a thick layer of gel-like seaweed mask on my face, followed by a a paste-like mineral mask that hardened after a few minutes.

But I am getting way ahead of myself! A couple of weeks ago, Facial Care Centre invited me to try one of their famous facials. I was way overdue for one so I just had to go. The location was their new clinic in Eastwood so even though it was out of the way for me, I still made the trip.

Hotel-like rooms

Of course, you do not just go in FCC and ask for a treatment. You have to see one of their in-house dermatologists first to find out which of the facials will suit you best. This is exactly why I recommend that you have your facials done in reputable clinics like FCC instead of, say, spas. It's safer because you are required to see a dermatologist beforehand.

The derma recommended the Soothing Indulgence facial with Diamond Peel for me. I had a lot of blocked pores, pimples, and blemishes so the peel should help. I'll explain what happened step-by-step so you know what to expect when you visit FCC. ;)

First, the attendant removed my makeup and cleansed my face with a cool cream

Then she massaged a rough, dry scrub on my face to get rid of the dead top layer of skin.

Steaming, pricking, then a long session of the diamond peel followed. It involved a slim wand coated with diamond dust and a sort of vacuum at the tip being methodically rubbed on skin. It sucks out whatever dirt, blackhead, or dead skin that was left over.

A thick, cool gel was then slathered generously on my face. This is the seaweed mask and it's supposed to help purify the skin.

The mineral mask was like plaster in terms of consistency. It also hardended quickly that it literally became a face mask! The two layers were left on to do their magic for 20 minutes. My face felt really hot - so hot I can feel it through the mask. I think I sweated a lot underneath it, which is good of course!

When all is done. Watching Jane Eyre on my Macbook Air while waiting for the 20 minutes to pass by was an excellent choice. ;P

After the treatment, my face felt very much rejuvenated and well, cleaner. The facial did not get rid of the pimples I had. In fact they continued on rather painfully for the next four days, accompanied by mild skin peeling (which I always get after a diamond peel) all over my face. On the fifth day though, everything cleared up and my skin was on the road to normal. I felt that it was healther overall.

So will I recommend the Facial Care Centre? Yes. The place is classy, but it still has a homey vibe to it that will make you feel comfortable and safe. The treatment I had was relaxing plus the results were positive in the end. So yes, do visit FCC sometime! :)

Call 892 SKIN (7546) for a free consultation and do follow FCC on Facebook!