Clinique Almost Lipstick in Shy Honey

I thought very long and hard about what to pack for my long road trip up North last weekend. I brought all sorts of neat things, but I forgot something basic yet important: a lip balm. Yes, I brought several lip and eye palettes, cheek colors, and lipsticks, but I didn't think to bring a lip balm. Crud. I did bring my Clinique Almost Lipstick in Shy Honey (P1,100) though!

The Clinique Almost Lipstick served as a great lip balm slash tint topper during the five days I was out. It doesn't feel greasy, oily, or waxy, unlike some lip balms. On the lips it feels thin and super comfortable, much like lip balm, but it does last longer and offers a bit of pinkish shine.


I do wish it was more pigmented though. The Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey is famous everywhere for its gorgeous brown MLBB tint, but Shy Honey is just a very sheer baby pink. It does give a nice shine and, if layered several times, would show a hint of pink. But if you're looking for a more pigmented lip product, perhaps you should go for Black Honey or the other Almost Lipstick shades instead.

Side note: According to Clinique - Almost Lipstick is designed to be sheer, so that it works with your own natural lip color to produce a unique shade. 

Clinique recently added seven new shades to the Almost Lipstick line. Yes, Black Honey has been a long-time cult favorite!

Julia of Bless My Bag wearing Black Honey. Love it on her!

Overall, I love the Clinique Almost Lipstick's hydrating powers. If you're looking to splurge on a lip balm/ lip tint hybrid, I highly recommend you check this out in Rustans or Marionnaud in MOA. Otherwise there are more affordable alternatives, as always. ;)