How to pull together a fashionable festival look with flying colours

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There are so many things we love about summer – we love the music, the fashion and the lighter, longer days. Longer days mean we’ll need more fashion to go around, so we’ve put together a list of essentials for a fearless festival style. You don’t have to hit the festival circuit to rock this look, and you can show it off all season around for a style savvy wardrobe with an indie twist.

No fashionista should be seen without her Aztec prints this season, and the festival circuit calls for statement colour that gets you noticed. The jersey mini skirt does well in colourful prints and we suggest you go as bright and as bold as you dare. Oranges, greens, reds and blues create a striking contrast that’s vibrant, fun an of course, ultra fashionable.  

The parka is a key part of your festival style. We love it for it’s practical design but we also love it for a laidback style that really keeps you on trend when you’re sloshing about in your wellies. A parka is great for day and in a neutral colour it can be one of your most versatile pieces this season. Shop Very womens coats for a wide range of parkas and jackets that will keep you warm and trendy on the festival circuit. 

The vintage print t-shirt is a festival fashion essential. From retro logo prints to lived-in washes, burn-out fabrics and prints that celebrate music icons, a vintage print t-shirt makes a statement. The good news about vintage t-shirts is that the grubbier and more lived-in they look, the more fashionable they are – perfect for a four day festival we think! Go online for a bargain Adidas Originals UK vintage tee.

A pair of shorts gives your festival outfit a fashionable edge and what better excuse to show off those sun drenched pins. We love denim cut-off shorts with raw edging for an authentic rock chick style and they’re the perfect partner to your trendy hi-tops. 

Music means fashion mayhem, so when you’re headed out to festivals or gigs this season, make sure you’re inspired by a kaleidoscope of colour. Clashing prints and contrast patterns are favourites for a full-on festival fashion fusion.