Satchels are for ever

The satchel bandwagon has come and gone, but I for one don't care. I still like the structured, prim look of this particular style, and how convenient it is with handles and/or body straps. For me, satchels make casual preppy outfits look more sophisticated, more put together. My casual clothes fall under that category so satchels are no-brainer choices. :D

I first read about Cuzo leather bags some months ago at Topaz Horizon, one of my favorite blogs (hi Frances!). I learned that the products were locally made, and that the leather Cuzo uses is real. Still, the prices are very reasonable at less than P2,500 for most bags. You can understand why I had to grab my own Cuzo bag at, and on sale too.

The green Ann Satchel was originally P2,250 but it was 30% off so I was able to score it for only P1,500. There were other designs but all of them are sold out - except for the maroon Ann! You should get it before it goes out of stock. Thing is, it's ridiculously easy to shop at AVA especially if you have credit card or PayPal. You can pay as soon as you finalize your order. Shipping was quick, too. I ordered the bag before lunch time and got it early afternoon the next day.

Full disclosure: AVA provided for my shopping credits. I scoured the whole site to look for that one awesome find, as there are so many items to explore! Like I mentioned earlier, AVA has a sale section where they hold their flash discounts, and a regular section full of curated brands. Aranaz and PAPAYA! are my two of my favorite brands over there.

Anyhoo, back to the Cuzo! It's a small bag, just roomy enough to hold my rather oversized wallet, a face powder, lipstick, and phone. It's not something I would bring if I'm out all day at work - it's too small - but for going to the bank or to the supermarket, this is the best bag for me. It can hold all my necessities without having to be bulky. 

The color is very on-trend although it's been around before emerald green (and by extension other shades of brilliant green) was announced as Color of the Year for 2012. I love wearing this bag with my green Sebago shoes. They're MFEO!

Hospital chic! Had to see a doctor last weekend but didn't want to look like a soppy rag. :P Sorry for the blurry photo, it's just from my phone.

So there you go, my AVA find. Do check out that website if you want fairly unique, limited items that are hard to find anywhere else. You can also join the site's contest, where you can create a wishlist and get a chance to win one of the items on that list (more info here). 

Any new bag finds recently? Spill!

This post is brought to you by AVA.