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The bucket bag that changed everything

When I was younger I had no brand preference when it comes to clothes, shoes, and bags. I just purchased whatever was cheap and looked good at the time, because hey, it's not like I earned a lot of money. I also believed that it was all the same thing, more or less. I'd hate to spend on something that I could get for cheaper.

But through the years I realized that cheaper does not equate to better. My stuff broke down and those that didn't looked outdated, too quickly. So now I'm a little more careful about the things I purchase! I have come to prefer brands that offer the best value for my money - even if they're expensive, I find that I can get more mileage out of them.

But there's another but. Haha. As you know I run my own household and pay my own bills. I like expensive things but I also like being able to pay my rent and keep a healthy savings account. :P That's why I love Rabeanco. The leather is ridiculously smooth, the colors are fairly unique, and the styles aren't something you'd see SM knock off. 

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Satchels are for ever

The satchel bandwagon has come and gone, but I for one don't care. I still like the structured, prim look of this particular style, and how convenient it is with handles and/or body straps. For me, satchels make casual preppy outfits look more sophisticated, more put together. My casual clothes fall under that category so satchels are no-brainer choices. :D

I first read about Cuzo leather bags some months ago at Topaz Horizon, one of my favorite blogs (hi Frances!). I learned that the products were locally made, and that the leather Cuzo uses is real. Still, the prices are very reasonable at less than P2,500 for most bags. You can understand why I had to grab my own Cuzo bag at, and on sale too.

The green Ann Satchel was originally P2,250 but it was 30% off so I was able to score it for only P1,500. There were other designs but all of them are sold out - except for the maroon Ann! You should get it before it goes out of stock.

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