Tutorial: How to use brown cream eyeliner on your brows

What's worse than a beauty blogger over-plucking her eyebrows? Nothing! It's an embarrasment to the community! Lol just kidding. But it is true that I recently became tweezer-happy. My brows are like 30% less than what they should be. I honestly don't know what I was thinking when I did this to myself but there's nothing more to do than wait for the hair to grow out.

What over-plucked eyebrows? 

Anyway. I want to show a super simple technique I've been doing on my brows lately. It involves using a - drumroll please - cream eyeliner! A brown eye liner to be specific. I like doing this because it offers more definition to my now-thin eyebrows, plus the shade I have is just perfect for my hair color. I encourage you guys to try using your brown gel liners the same way, and maybe you'll discover that you have a fantastic brow color all along!

Here's how I do it.

Step 1: Dip a synthetic, angled eyeliner brush into your brown eyeliner pot. Remove most of it by swiping the brush on the back of your hand. Don't mess it up because you might need to pick up more color later! You just want a bit of brown left on the brush.

I love the MAC Fluidline in Dipdown for this job. The color is perfect!

Brush used is a Charm Essentials Pretty in Pink Vegan Angled eyebrow/ eyeliner brush

Step 2: Apply the much-diluted color on your eyebrows, going upwards in small precise strokes. You can also opt to "line" your eyebrows to get a more defined edge. If you need more brown, rub your brush on the remaining eyeliner to pick up the color. 

Ideal outline

Step 3: Lighten the color if you found it too harsh. Just use a clean spoolie brush!

And that's it really. :) It's nice to utilize eyeliner like this because it stays put ALL day. Try it too and lemme know how it goes!