Manly woman

When I was younger, I couldn't leave the house without a watch. I felt naked. In the last few years though I managed to wean myself out of my watch-wearing ways. It doesn't make that much sense to wear a watch (for time-checking purposes that is) if you always have a cellphone in your purse or pocket!

So yes, it's been a while. Still, watches can be worn as accessories, especially if they're handsome like this Avon men's watch.

I like it, from the huge clock face down to the tanned leather strap. It's quite macho but has this delicate look to it. I'm imagining it with polos, trousers, and super structured dresses. It will add a nice masculine touch to my rather girly ensembles.

I will surely wear this in the coming days! Thanks Avon for the gift. :)