Why #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines for me

Many of my relatives wonder why I choose to stay in the Philippines when I could have looked for other opportunities abroad. Call it the University of the Philippines brainwashing (lol) but I would like to live and die here! Ask me again in ten years - I might change my mind - but right now I'm happy where I am and I can't see any reason for me to leave the country indefinitely.

The new Department of Tourism slogan courtesy of BBDO-Guerrero

I would LOVE to travel more, sure, but I want to stay here. I love the Philippines. For serious. It's beautiful, but more importantly, it's a free country. You're free to worship, speak, or manifest your gender with minimal setbacks. You're free to dress any way you want. You have tons of options to express yourself, especially when it comes to beauty and fashion.

(Shopping here is pretty good, you gotta admit!)

For example, it's better to be a woman here than say in the Middle East. It's better to be a journalist or blogger here than say in China. I'm not saying that the Philippines is the best place in the world (haven't been around to know yet), but for me, it's more than enough. :) I'm happy here - what else do I need?

How about you, why do you love the Philippines?

RandomLiz Lanuzo3 Comments