News flash: Tony Moly's latest releases

If you've ever been to a Tony Moly store, you'll know that the place is stocked with beauty products from floor to ceiling. The Megamall store in particular is small but the first time I went there, I spent 15 minutes going through everything! There was just so much to take in. However, even though Tony Moly carries an extensive line already, that doesn't stop the brand from bringing in more, more, more.

Here are some of the brand's latest products. A few of these may not be available yet so better inquire at the Tony Moly Facebook Page to be sure.

It's a lot! There's something for the hair, feet, face, and of course TM's cute makeup. Oh, the makeup. They look like toys so I wasn't initially inclined to take them seriously. Well I do now after using them!

Berry Trendy Style Hair Glaze (P378), Backstage Paint Eye Pot in Lavender (P448), Shiny Foot Baby Skin Heel Patch (P178), Petite Bunny Gloss Bar (P278), Lovely Girl Eau de toillete (P748)

Berry Trendy Hair Wax (blue jar), Dear Me Petite Cotton Pact (P348),Dear Me Petite Cotton BB Cream (P348), Berry Lovely girl Heart Lip Pallete (P448),Dear Me Balancing Skin, Dear Me Balancing Lotion (P498)

The Dear Me line has moisturizers that are almost gel-like and watery in texture. There's a facial wash (not sure if available here), toner, and two moisturizers. The BB cream and powder compact is new to the team and look quite interesting based on initial swatches. Anyway, if you want to own the toner and the moisturizer + Tony Moly makeup perhaps you'd like to be my commenter of the month. ;)

I'll be reviewing the most interesting products out of the bunch soon. That lip palette will be the first in line!