Colored and Graded

I've received a lot of inquiries from readers about the contact lenses that I use. If you've seen any of my FOTDs, you'd have noticed the nice greenish tint of my eyes! I used to wear only clear lenses but I found that boring. Besides, colored contact lenses can be worn for up to three months, whereas most clear lenses are only good for a month. I'm waaay too lazy to visit the optical store every month so colored lenses are a more practical option.

So! I bought these contact lenses at Executive Optical. They're called Flexwear Colors and are surprisingly cheap at only P650 a pair. Did I say they were graded, too? They're really affordable. I used to buy my clear contact lenses at Sarabia, but they cost around P600 for a pair. At EO, the clear lenses are only P200 (I think).

The lenses at Sarabia were thicker and weren't easy to irritate with a speck of dust or tears, but they made my eyes overproduce mucus. Ewww, I know. But everytime I woke up, my eyes felt glued shut. Ugh. Or maybe it was the contact lense solution I was using? I also bought it in the same store. In any case I was done with Sarabia and wanted to see other options.

I've actually been an Executive Optical loyalist for the last five years or so. I bought most of my frames from there and has been a happy customer since their service is excellent. So I turned back to EO when I needed contacts this time.

The Flexwear color lenses that I have are really thin, so if dust gets in, you can really feel it rolling in your eyes. I've had a few accidents in the past when I didn't have my contact lense case with me so I had to wash the lense with water. Not cool at all. But at least the mucus problem was solved. I use a contact lense solution called NEO Plus, also bought from Executive Optical. It's only P100 for the small bottle and P159 for the full-sized one.

The lenses don't really look like this, it's just the light I was using. They're darker in person.

I actually didn't want green lenses since my goal was just to enhance my eyes with color, maybe go a shade or two of brown lighter. I got this set called Coffee because it looked like a light brown. After I wore it though, the lenses made my eyes look green! Confusing, but pleasant. I've always secretly wanted to have green eyes but I didn't want them to look unnatural.

Well, I think these EO lenses are ok. My eyes look a dark green, nothing particularly jarring or out of this world. 

And that's it! Hope this answers your questions about my lenses. :) Just ask if there's anything else you want to know. On my end, I want to know what lense you use! Do you prefer colored or clear?