Sigma Flare Eyeshadow Palette

You know those pesky Facebook ads? They can be annoying, but they're useful sometimes! That's how I found out that The Pink Slippers Boutique is selling the Sigma Flare Eyeshadow Palette. It's part of the latest palette collection of Sigma featuring eight eyeshadows bundled in with a double-ended brush (the E55 and E40). At P2,000 it looks expensive, but I think the brush + eight eyeshadows more than make up for the cost. Bought this a couple of weeks back and I really enjoy the brush, most of all.

What I love about the product

  • Great selection of fun colors - warm and cool - that can work well together. Indeed, this is the one feature that convinced me to buy the palette. 
  • Intensely pigmented with the right eyeshadow base.
  • LOVE the brush! I use it all the time now. The flat, rounded brush head is perfect as an overall tool for the lid, crease, and highlight. The bushy, domed end is great for blending out eyeshadows, applying setting powder to undereye concealer, and putting on a dab of highlighter to the face.
  • There's a lot of product in the pan at 1.5 grams/ color. That's almost the amount of a full-sized eyeshadow.


What I don't like about the product 

  • The palette could be less bulky. It's kind of big, not something I would take out of the house.
  • Eyeshadows are rather powdery and not as well-milled as I expected. Good thing this can be solved by an eyeshadow base. 


  • At P2,000 per palette, it may sound a bit steep, but considering the amount you get plus the double-ended Sigma brush, that's a nice deal already.

The E55 is perfect for applying lid and crease color (due to the planed edge). It's also great for applying a highlight shade under the browbones.

This slightly stiff E40 brush is designed to blend eyeshadows together. I also like using it for setting concealer in small areas, as well as applying highlighter to the high points of the cheeks and bridge of the nose.


The eyeshadows in the Sigma Flare Eyeshadow Palette can be a little difficult to work with, but the key to this product is a great eyeshadow base like the Urban Decay Primer Potion or the Too Faced Shadow Shadow Insurance. I recommend it if you like the colors and would like your own Sigma brush at a nice deal - an individual brush can cost P600-1000 each.

Some looks I did with the palette:

FOTD: Dusky plum

FOTD: Chocolate mint


It's nice. It has colors I don't have yet, which was what I was looking for when I chose to buy this palette. If you want your own, you can purchase it off The Pink Slippers Boutique - shipping is inclusive in the price!

The palette comes with a cardboard sleeve