Tony Moly Partylover Shine Blusher in 03

My cherished hopes of having a quiet week has just been dashed. But it's ok, I'm up for the challenge! Before I dive deep into the workload, I just want to write a quick review of the Tony Moly Partylover Shine Blusher in Love Orange 03 (P378).

I find the name cute and funny at the same time. Partylover shine blusher? Images of crazy teens in sequins and glitter ala Katy Perry and Ke$ha come to mind. But this blush isn't actually that shiny. I'd say it has a sheen, but it's natural and quite wearable.

Shade. Love Orange is a rosy peach shade that will look good on just about any skin tone. It will blend easily with your skin so you don't have to worry about it looking obviously like blush.

Texture. The blush is powdery, but I'm happy to observe it's not chalky. The powder has visible glitter, but it's not something you'll see from afar. Weirdly enough, the glitter is not that shiny either.

Pigmentation. The Shine Blusher has pretty good pigmentation. It delivers a nice, even color on the cheeks with just one layer, neither over or under doing it. You can go for two layers if you really want your cheeks to pop out. I'm ok with one.

I love that the color pay-off is not streaky or too opaqe so my skin peeks through the blush.


Finish. The finish of this blush is quite natural, the shimmer not that obvious unless someone looks closely. Go for this if you want a glow on your cheeks!

Lasting power. Lasting power is okay; I give this blush four hours before it starts fading completely. Not bad for an affordable cheek color.

Packaging. The flip-top plastic packaging is your run-of-the-mill kind for similarly prices cosmetics so don't expect too much there. I do wish it comes with a mirror for ease of use on-the-go. Now, while the powder puff is tres cute, I find it's not that good in applying the blush evenly. Use a proper powder brush instead.

Verdict. The Tony Moly Partylover Shine Blusher in Love Orange 03 is very nice for the price. I recommend it to girls who like glowy cheeks with a natural flush. If you're having photos taken though, I suggest going for a matte blush since that's more flattering on cam. ;)